We are now living in a time where dust has started following us more than ever. It just does not seem to show us any mercy irrespective of us being at home or away from home for most of the day. It does not do us or the house we live in any good. However, being lucky people living in this technology-driven era, we are not exactly out of options. Well, technically we always have the good old-fashioned manual way where someone has to get on top of a stool or something and dust it off manually but who on earth has time to do that now? Besides, there is a good chance that you might end up hurting your self in the process.

This article is just for you so that you can up your game vs. the dust with minimum effort and maximum efficiency using none other than the pressure washer. You might have heard of this or at least seen this if you have been around when your car is being washed. Now hold on I know what you guys are thinking! How is the equipment used to wash cars going to help us wash windows? That’s precisely what we are going to break down today, so let’s get right to it without any further waiting.

What would I need?

  • A Pressure washer
  • Suitable soap or chemical

How to Clean Windows with a Pressure Washer

  1. Observe the surrounding environment
  2. Ensure that all windows are closed
  3. Set up the Pressure washer
  4. Start washing
  5. Observe the surrounding environment

The reason why observing the surrounding environment is the first step we suggest is because we understand that this is a house and not a place with just windows. There could be a pet living area close to the windows or flower pots or whatever it may be. We want to make sure our readers aren’t ignorant to avoid any unnecessary situations. Therefore, be advised that the soap that you are about to use in the pressure washer may contain chemicals

Ensure that all windows are closed

Many times people want to get over with the job ASAP but forgetting to check essential aspects such as these doubles the work. So, make sure that your windows are sealed and secured well. If you are unsure about a specific area, use an old piece of plastic or something as a deflector shield.

  1. Set Up the pressure washer
  2. Add a suitable amount of soap with the respective amount of water into the washer’s reservoir.
  3. Start washing
  4. Washing the window is broken down into 3 main parts,

First:- When washing the glass itself

Start off further away (because we don’t want too much water gushing in at high speed) and work your way slowly closer until you fell how much it can handle. Always wash it sideways and make sure not to keep the washer pointed in the same place for too long.

Second:- We do around the edges where the frame is

This part we do it carefully (avoiding glass as much as possible) since this is really where dust tends to get deposited a lot

Third and Finally:- Window seal

Now, this is the trickiest part cause most of the time the window seal wears off the most. Place the washer angled down so that it does not get too pressured. If the seal is located somewhere higher, you can’t reach make sure to get underneath the seal.


That concludes it. We hope you enjoyed our article and hopefully grabbed something out of it. Remember that not using these steps correctly may lead to adverse effects where you might damage your property by breaking the glass and worse it may even hurt you. We do not want that to happen to you so make sure you read these steps well and get a good understanding before you get started.

Having said that please do share your thoughts with us, we appreciate it.

How to Clean Windows with a Pressure Washer

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